Obstacles Content Creators Face

Creating content is a difficult task. It takes hard work, love, and dedication. Content creation allows us to generate interest in our product, whether that’s ourselves, or our business. To achieve success we require planning and strategizing but at times there are several obstacles to overcome. Let’s look at things that might be stumbling blocks for your content.


First, establish a schedule for our content. You might be asking yourself how often is too often or how little is too little for posting content and/or streaming? There is no simple answer here but one thing to remember is that consistency is probably the most important factor when releasing content.

Things to consider when attempting to put a number on your release of content.

  • What can you realistically manage?
  • How often can you post without the quality suffering?
  • How can you generate engagement around your content?
  • What is your aim/goal with your content?

Whatever you decide, make sure to stick to the schedule you put in place for yourself. Make sure it fits your lifestyle and doesn’t interfere with other obligations. There is no harm in starting small as long as your content provides value and is engaging.


Let’s look at deciding on the position to take with your content. It’s often difficult to find ideas that haven’t been done before. You don’t need to be original to succeed, however, what you do need is a fresh perspective. A lot of content is repetitive and yet despite its availability, people continue to struggle with the same questions. To stand out you must create content in line with the trends but take it a step further with a different outlook on the topic, share your viewpoint.


Building a brand is not without its challenges. Branding and cultivating a consistent identity across all pieces of content you release on the internet, including blogs, logos, videos, social media, etc. is very important. There should be an underlying theme connecting it all together. Consistency creates a familiarity that with time your followers will come to know and expect from your content. You have your own style and with that, you provide a unique experience through your content.


Content works to create an inviting environment for your audience. New content creators are a one-person business, you write your own posts, shoot your own videos and do your own social media marketing. Wearing all these hats requires a lot of technical know-how, from building websites to video editing to understanding algorithms and SEO. Content creators are required to research, take courses, and or self teaches themselves, but once they can do that they are free to focus on their work and have an overall smoother execution for their content.


With so much content being produced, competition is at an all-time high so it’s imperative to publish the best possible content. To get the most for your content you need to market it on multiple platforms, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and more. Take advantage of each platform’s strengths to help grow your brand. Other options are collaborating with influencers, interacting with others in your niche, and potential new followers.

While overcoming these obstacles is not always easy, putting in the effort to learn and to put out great content will pay off dividends. Remember that this does not occur overnight and takes hard work, and dedication but in the end, the results are worth the effort.



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