Navigating Uncertainty in Content creation

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3 min readJan 9, 2022


Things are constantly changing in the world of content creation, and we must learn to navigate uncertainty. Those who do will thrive, while those who don’t will learn to survive. What does it mean to navigate uncertainly? Navigating Uncertainty is defined as the ability to deal proactively with the unknown. It is important for content creators to see uncertainty as a field of possibility and take action.

Will this work, or should I do it differently? Is this what my audience wants? Is this content good enough? These are all questions that make you feel uncertain when you are creating something. The key to navigating these uncertainties is understanding the underlying behaviors that contribute to how you effectively deal with the unknown. Let’s look at some examples.

  • Creative: The ability to generate new and creative ideas that defy convention.
  • Decisive: Make quick decisions based on available information.
  • Goal-Oriented: Sets realistic goals that are aggressive but achievable.
  • Initiative: Anticipates the need for action and reacts.
  • Learning: Seeks opportunities to learn and grow from the experience.
  • Response to change: Takes on new challenges with energy and drive.

Being competent at navigating uncertainty requires that you exhibit many of these behaviors, as it will allow you to see what opportunities exist. It’s all about how you react in certain situations.

How do we stay motivated and proactive during uncertain times? First, it’s important to take a moment and process what is happening. First, don’t compare yourself to others as we all have different circumstances, different needs, and different timelines, and let’s look at steps you can take to help navigate uncertainty.

1. Understand who you are

The most significant relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. If you know yourself, the good and the bad, you can start accepting who you are. Having that knowledge makes you independent and in charge of your thoughts, and with that comes insight and confidence to put out great content. The motivation you get from knowing your worth and purpose will get you through the more trying and uncertain of times.

2. Take control of the things you can

It might sound cliché, but you need to focus on what you can control. There are a lot of variables in content creation and a lot you don’t have control over, but there are things you can control. One of those things is your mindset during times of uncertainty. Be positive, persistent, and be proactive as you will feel more in control. Being proactive may seem hard to do. Having a schedule for your content is critical in generative and harnessing your motivation and productivity. Take control of your time and set boundaries for yourself, as those are great ways to help you navigate difficult times.

3. Build your Confidence

It is difficult to be motivated without confidence, and it’s harder to build it up in times of uncertainty. You want to make sure your confidence comes from within and not from the urge to please others. The latter involves an element of fear that is difficult to navigate. A practical way to build up your confidence is to notice your negative mental chatter. In times when you are uncertain about your content, you may allow negative thoughts about yourself to surface. You need to take a moment and recognize the situation and send yourself positive messages. Honoring yourself despite being in a difficult situation is true confidence.

4. Track and Strategize

Tracking information and/or progress makes it easier to identify what is or isn’t working and allows you to shift accordingly. Content creation is always evolving and being prepared is so important. Having a strategy allows you to make changes and adjust your goals when something unpredictable happens. You should be constantly reviewing your plan, your goals and keeping yourself accountable.

In short, content creation is always evolving and changing. If you take the time to understand who you are, build your confidence, have a plan, and take control of the things you can control, you will be able to navigate any uncertainties that arise.



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