Content Marketing Strategy for Content Creators

Content marketing in its simplest form is the technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire an audience. Content marketing helps to bring awareness and educate your audience about your brand.

Although similar to traditional marketing which is available to consumers when they are doing something else such as watching television and having to watch a commercial or seeing a billboard while driving or an ad in a magazine. Content marketing on the other hand is discovered by the consumer and they choose to consume it when they want it, such as scrolling through social media posts, viewing live streams, or watching video content.

How do you build a content marketing strategy?

Picking your audience

Great content can naturally attract an audience but it does not guarantee the best audience for your brand. You want to identify the people you seek to provide content to. If your focus is content creators ask yourself: are these new content creators or is it someone already in the industry or is it someone trying to expand their reach. You will want to create your content with their needs in mind and provide them value.

Pick your points

Your content needs direction and you need to decide a few things. Here are some questions to ask yourself. What do you want to help your audience with? What information, what story, what ideas are you going to share? Work on creating content that people want to consume. A great way to accomplish this is to do a quick google search for trending or popular topics within your niche. It can also be as easy as asking people what they struggle with or what type of content they want to consume.

Pick your platform

Next, it’s time to figure out what format you need to focus on to meet your audience where they are. You may be tempted to create content on multiple platforms and although it’s a great way to bring awareness to your brand when starting out it might be best to concentrate on the media your audience consumes most. How are you going to get your content in front of your audience is a great question to ask yourself. Will it be via a blog, Video (YouTube, TikTok) Social media (Twitter, Instagram), or another method?

Content Ratio

You will then need to determine how often you will post content and the type of content you will post. It’s essential to find a balance between trending content and evergreen content To understand the balance let’s first define both. Trending content or seasonal content is all about news, fads, and events happening at the moment. Evergreen content on the other hand is that which does not expire and stays in demand. To find the happy medium we have to go back to knowing your audience and examining their needs and being ready to answer them.


Being a content creator is your business and should be treated as such. Having a content marketing strategy that adds value to your audience in place is so important as it’s a way to interact with people and it’s a repeated process that will pay off in the end. Don’t forget that it’s a long-term plan focusing on building relationships and providing consistent and relevant content that will eventually allow your audience to show their loyalty to you and allow your business to grow.



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